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    The fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other growth and control products we provide has been chosen for its ability to solve the real world problems faced by our customers.

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    Turf Solutions

    Our goal is not to sell you golf course products, but rather to provide you with responsible solutions that achieve your goals: agronomically, environmentally, and fiscally.

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    At AmeriTurf, our experienced network of professional turf product experts allows us to combine affordable turf solutions with the highest standards of customer service excellence.

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Turf Nutrition & Supplies – Golf Courses – Sports Turf – Sod

At AmeriTurf we are dedicated to providing everything you need to manage turf, landscaped areas and nursery stock.

From turf nutrition and control agents to surfactants and spray equipment, we have unmatched diversity from suppliers who have a record of product excellence.

Across the U.S. – from California to Florida – golf course superintendents and management companies, sports turf managers, nursery/greenhouse operators and LCO teams have come to appreciate our track record of superior customer service along with agronomically trained sales professionals, educated in the latest technologies in the industry.


Call Us: (972) 483-1812

Give us a call and let the AmeriTurf team demonstrate our ability to diagnose problems and recommend proven turfgrass products to provide the best and cost-effective solutions.