Boomless Nozzles Save Time & Increase Efficiency

07 Dec 2017

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

By DALE MILLER, AmeriTurf Agronomist

We continue to emphasize that the direction of nutrition is in carbon based products, lower total inputs, inputs designed for plants, microbes and maximum benefit but have not really discussed how to deliver these inputs.

Two methods are highly effective and one is especially efficient.
Use of boomless nozzles, made by several manufacturers, are especially effective at increasing spray width, increasing application speed and covering significant acreage in much less time.

The initial nozzle was a flood nozzle; a single nozzle which covered as much as 40 foot with significant flow. This was a decent nozzle but by comparison to the newer boomless nozzles, there is little comparison relative to accuracy and coverage.

AmeriTurf represents the Boominator nozzles through Greenleaf Technologies which includes an air inductor, making the application much more effective than previous flood nozzles.

You can see these nozzles in action HERE.

Two nozzles are set on the back of the sprayer at appropriate height and width per manufacturer. These nozzles spray a 20 foot pattern in each direction and are independently controlled.

For those wishing to have maximum accuracy and cut lines, a center tee jet type nozzle can be placed in the middle, which covers from tire to tire on the sprayer in a set-up which has the boomless overlapping into the tee jet.

Boomless nozzles are highly effective for acreage coverage and liquid fertilizer applications. Coverage and accuracy is very close to that of a typical boom application and can be considered effective for most inputs with the exception of some fungicides.

When using today’s carbon based, soluble fertility products, the difference between boom and boomless application is almost indistinguishable.

The big advantage of boomless nozzles is less chance of nozzle clogging with higher concentration mixes and wider spray patterns at higher speed. Also, as there are no booms hanging off each side, slopes and mounds in fairway or rough applications is much less of a concern.

There are multiple nozzles providing different application rates which allows the end user to dial in the application to acreage on given sites.

Everyone should feel comfortable applying fertility with these nozzles and will appreciate the time saving and quality of application. These nozzles can be purchased from your equipment provider or from AmeriTurf, including mounting bracket if desired.

Please get with your local AmeriTurf sales consultant and request a demonstration unit be brought to your operation.

Quick attach, play with the nozzles and get a feel for what they can do for you in speed and application accuracy.