Make The Choice For Programs That Enhance Wintertime Turf Performance

12 Jan 2018

Posted in General by Curtis Williams

By Dale Miller, AmeriTurf Agronomist

Winter is here, bringing with it varying temperatures and shorter day lengths.

Most in the desert are now fully established overseed and should be looking good.

The management of overseed is tricky and there are some differences in approach but one fact remains the same: consistent, well-balanced, responsive and controlled nutrient inputs is always beneficial and in the “agronomic” off season when day length is short, traffic is high, rain is minimal and poor water quality is the norm, well-managed nutrient programs are of utmost importance.

Iron is a staple in the desert for overseeding, but consider increasing the amount of Magnesium and Manganese in fertility programs looking for color with less Iron input.
The color will be superior and the plant health benefit is far greater.

Key in this is not to over emphasize Nitrogen inputs.

Light amounts of Potassium Nitrate rotated with Magnesium Nitrate in the fall and winter will be superior for Nitrogen efficiency. As both are readily available, light inputs are all that will be required.

When using these in a program inclusive of soluble Carbon with focus on Amino Acids and Fulvic Acids, the benefit in cooler weather periods will be far superior. These carbon sources are short chain and much more beneficial in cooler weather with shorter photo periods.

They also improve the efficiency of both Nitrate sources mentioned.

Calcium Nitrate is also beneficial but for different reasons than Potassium and Magnesium Nitrate.

Calcium is clearly more beneficial in poor water quality as well as during spring green up and transition periods.

Potassium Nitrate is an exceptional fall and winter source, as the Potassium benefit for hardening off, nutrient flow and internal moisture management is excellent.
Magnesium Nitrate gets the same highly available Nitrogen but adds the low sun, low photosynthesis, low chlorophyll production period benefit of Magnesium. No other molecule is as beneficial and important in photosynthesis support and chlorophyll production.

Keeping N low and in an efficient manner will help in managing Bermuda over-stimulation as well.

Programs focusing on foliar uptake, high amino acid content and micronutrients will be excellent in promoting overseed color without excess stimulation of either the cool season grass or the Bermuda base, just waiting on soil temps and adequate fertility to push out.

Products like Rx Supreme, Comp Core, Vibrant Red, Rx Micro, Comp M, Rx Mg, Performance Turf Mix, Pennamin Fe/Mn and Pennamin Mg, will be exceptional winter options for greens programs.

For fairways, EPIC as an all-around source in spray formulation and Protene 20-0-5, 0-0-7 will be excellent options for those needing granular support or preferring granular inputs.

Please do not hesitate to get with your AmeriTurf Sales consultant or Agronomist with any questions or support.