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2-D (Triclopyr-Clopyralid)Quali-ProHerbicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Chlorothalonil 500 ZNQuali-ProFungicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Dithiopyr 40 WSBQuali-ProHerbicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Ethephon 2SLQuali-ProGrowth Regulator Sprayable Label | SDS
Fipronil .1GQuali-ProInsecticide Granular Label | SDS
Fipronil-Taurus G (Broadcast)Quali-ProInsecticide Granular Label | SDS
FoursomeQuali-ProTank Additives / Colorants Sprayable Label | SDS
Isoxaben 75 WGQuali-ProHerbicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Mefenoxam 2 AQQuali-ProFungicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Myclobutanil 20EWQuali-ProFungicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Oryzalin 4Quali-ProHerbicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Oxadiazon 2GQuali-ProHerbicide Granular Label | SDS
Oxadiazon 50 WSBQuali-ProHerbicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Oxadiazon SCQuali-ProHerbicide Granular Label | SDS
Prodiamine 4LQuali-ProHerbicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Propiconazole 14.3Quali-ProFungicide Sprayable Label | SDS
Rimsulfuron 25 DFQuali-ProHerbicide Sprayable Label | SDS
T-Nex 1 AQQuali-ProGrowth Regulator Sprayable Label | SDS
T/I 2.5 GQuali-ProHerbicide Granular Label | SDS
TM 85 WDGQuali-ProFungicide Sprayable Label | SDS
TM/CQuali-ProFungicide Sprayable Label | SDS
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Products You Can Believe In

We value every relationship with our customers, so each product we offer has to match the trust placed in our team.

The fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other growth and control products we provide has been chosen for its ability to solve the real world problems faced by golf course superintendents, sports field managers and turf producers.

You can be assured of high quality, proven products and reliable recommendations from the AmeriTurf team of professionals.

Each golf course and sports field is unique, and we’re here to help you find the right combination of products to achieve your goals. Contact your AmeriTurf Representative for a customized program that meets your needs and budget.

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